Saturday, June 4, 2011

Earthshakes in the Land of the Midnight Sun

June 3, 2011 This morning I was still in bed in Anchorage, Alaska when I felt a gentle rocking back and forth. I knew almost immediately what it was. I had felt the same vibration in Oaxaca, Mexico one morning as I was waking up. It’s a weird sensation to feel as though a big truck is rumbling past your window, yet there is no sound of a motor or vehicle passing. Of course, no one else I asked had felt it; so I googled “recent earthquakes in Alaska”. Sure enough, at 9:58 AM a 1.67 ML earthquake had occurred in the central region. But the weird and scary thing was that the list on that webpage was HUGE. There had been 9 other quakes that morning and there were 14 more to come that day! One of them was 3.68! We’ve been skirting one natural disaster after another as we’ve traveled around the world. We were in Christchurch, New Zealand one week before the horrific earthquake struck. Floods plagued the east coast of Australia as we approached that country. We were headed for Japan when the earthquake and tsunami destroyed Fukushima. Now, we are planning to be in Iceland next month and they just suffered a major volcanic eruption. Is Someone trying to tell us something?!

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