Thursday, January 29, 2009

Buenos Aires - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

January 29, 2009 Buenos Aires – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Well, it’s almost time to leave BA. We’ve been here for over a month and have really enjoyed our stay; but as we’re ready to move on, we thought we’d try to remember:
The Good – yellow, red, orange trees in bloom; wild parrots in the palm trees; low humidity; great varieties of food (Asian, pizza, burgers, Mexican, sushi, Italian, and Argentine); the flavor of the beef; tango music everywhere; nice people; taxis whenever you wanted one for under $5 a ride; subways are even cheaper (33¢ a ride); wonderful Malbec wine; maid service in the apartment; fantastic National Museum of Fine Arts, free everyday; cheap golf; lots of parks; we always felt safe; everything’s cheap – clothes (whole stores of cute baby clothes with nothing over $10), cut flowers ($2 a bouquet), and my favorite- restaurants! I love not looking at the prices, no matter how high end the restaurant. I ordered whatever I wanted and our bill was usually under $25, including the tip, tax and a bottle of wine!!
The Bad – sidewalks that needed repair; street noise & sirens at night; children begging or selling things on the subway
The Ugly – dog doo doo on the sidewalks; one whole section of town with slum housing; brown water in the Río Paraná (from iron deposits upriver); smog; graffiti
As we brainstormed our list, you can see there are a lot more things under The Good. It’s been a good place to visit, but we still wouldn’t want to live here.

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